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I am a diabetes and I am brittle also.I became type 1 diabetes in my early yr.My age was 3.I am on 3 shots.And I take my blood test to.I am on insulin L6 and a sliding scale.I live with my day.I have a family that lives in Little Rock,Ar.I will say it his a pretty playce.We do have family getogther here on friday.I am single.I have to sister and 1 brother.And they have kids.Cheryl
I like to get out some with my nieces and great nieces and nephew and go to a park here and there,I do some crochet,puzzlees,my Computer,Watch tv,And I like to go shopping.
Favorite Music:
1 Elvis Presley 2 Kenny Roger 3 Shania Twain 4 Celine Dion 5 Neil Diamond 6 Bee Gee
Favorite TV Shows:
These are the tv shows I like to watch are.1 ER 2 Two and half men 3 Judge Judy 4 Dr Phil 5 Little house on the Prairie 6 The Waltons 7 Talk Show 8 Housewifes 9 The Jeffersons 10 All in The Family 11 Game show
Favorite Movies:
The Sound of music,Grease,and other movie.
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The last place you put it.

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